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LLC "BAI ELIM COMPANY", was founded as a trade and production company in 2002. Initially, it was a family production with recipes passed down from generation to generation, from grandfathers to our parents, from parents to us. Then it grew into a family business. Growing and processing vegetables and vegetables was the main activity. Exceptionally favorable soil and climatic conditions, favorable geographic location and professionalism of the team allowed to gradually increase the scale and master new areas of activity. Today, the main plant of BAY ELIM COMPANY is located in close proximity to the railway and air routes in Bishkek, which makes it possible to reduce transport costs and increase the scale of coverage throughout the country and beyond. At present, BAY ELIM COMPANY LLC is a vertically integrated agro-industrial company that grows vegetables, selects raw materials and processes vegetables and fruit and berry crops on its own and agreed with farmers' territories.

Bai Elim Company LLC is the founder and sole owner of the BaiElim trademark and brand. Today BAY ELIM COMPANY LLC is the country's leader in the production of refined sugar, an assortment of acetic acid, food iodized salt. We also produce tomato paste, canned fruits and vegetables, sauces and an assortment of preserves using our own technology.

LLC "BAI ELIM COMPANY" is the founder and sole owner of the trademark and brand “БайЭлим”.

Today "BAI ELIM COMPANY" LLC is the country's leader in the production of refined sugar, an assortment of acetic acid, food iodized salt. We also produce tomato paste, canned fruits and vegetables, sauces and an assortment of preserves using our own technology.

In production, the main task of "BAI ELIM" COMPANY LLC is the production of high-quality products, therefore the company has developed and implemented its own quality control system throughout the entire production cycle.

Manufacturing enterprises of "BAI ELIM COMPANY" LLC are equipped with the most modern equipment, use the latest in-house processing and production technologies. The company works only with trusted suppliers of raw materials and packaging.

"BAI ELIM COMPANY" LLC pays special attention to the quality of life of the population, therefore our products are environmentally friendly and high-quality products!

Besides, LLC "BAI ELIM COMPANY" regularly contributes to the social life of its consumers by providing food, medicine, financial and material assistance to families in need.

LLC "BAI ELIM COMPANY" is a large importer of many food products, including the exclusive supplier of products of such large companies as:

TOO "Soda Project" Almaty, Kazakhstan - baking soda

LLC "Crystal" Tambov region, Russia - sunflower oil "Luchezarnoe"

"DonMasloProduct" LLC, Krasnodar, Russia - "Zlatozhar" sunflower oil

JSC "Mozyr Salt" Minsk, Belarus - food iodized salt "Polesie", nitrite-curing mixture, tebleted salt, etc.

JSC "EuroChem" Moscow, Russia - acetic acid 99%.

LLC "Hercules", Altai Territory, Russia - buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, peas "Hercules"

LLC "Siberian Export Company" Altai Territory, Russia - buckwheat groats

LLC "Kurai", Altai Territory, Russia - buckwheat groats "Gifts of the Sun"

LLC "Kubansky Rice", Kuban, Russia - rice brands "Kamolino 9%" and "Kamolino Regul 5%"

JSC "Asyl Tuz" Almaty, Kazakhstan - food iodized salt;

The sales geography of BAY ELIM COMPANY LLC is constantly expanding. Currently, the Company is implementing projects to export goods to the CIS countries.

 Participant of the program "Buy Kyrgyz" insert the logo Made in Kyrgyzstan

Member of business association "JIA" certificate

Member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the KR certificate

Food quality and safety policy

The product safety policy is a part of the overall development strategy and the basis for the functioning and improvement of the product safety management system of Bayelim Company LLC, which meets the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On Food Safety” TR CU 021/2011.

Quality certificates

"Baielim" has all the necessary certificates and certificates confirming the high quality of products, confirming compliance with the norms and requirements of the standards of production, processing, food safety, storage and warehousing.


Effective and continuous movement of material flows "Baielim" is due to the concentration of stocks of products in one place, in the warehouses of the Company. The modern warehouse "Baielim" consists of numerous interconnected elements, has a specific structure and performs a number of functions for the transformation of material flows, as well as the accumulation, processing and distribution of goods between consumers.

Our Company has a total area of 8000 + ____ sq.m. warehouse facilities equipped according to world storage standards.

The storage capacity is:
Indoor warehouse - ______ sq.m.
Outdoor warehouse - ______ sq.m.

Refrigerated warehouse - ______ sq.m.
Deep refrigerated warehouse - ______ sq.m.
Warehouse for liquids - _____ sq.m.

Storage is carried out in accordance with all international storage standards: temperature control, humidity control and air conditioning.


Thanks to an efficient national distribution network, BAY ELIM COMPANY LLC organizes logistics solutions for its customers much more quickly and with better quality.

Our products are delivered to the end user at the right time and in the required volumes.

For international transportation, BAY ELIM COMPANY LLC works closely with reputable logistics companies and transports up to 45 tons of cargo every month.

During transportation, all transported goods strictly follow the instructions of international cargo transportation.


LLC "BAY ELIM COMPANY" has a direct railway track from the common branch, which allows transporting large volumes of products without minor minor transportation.

Both liquids and oversized cargo are transported directly to the warehouse of BAY ELIM COMPANY LLC.


LLC "BAI ELIM COMPANY" has been repeatedly awarded domestic and international awards, both for the quality of individual products and for the professional activities of the Company:

  • "AGROPRODEXPO-2012" Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
  • "AGROPRODEXPO-2018" Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
  • "AGROPRODEXPO-2019" Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
  • "ProdExpo" Moscow, RF
  • "Golden Autumn" Moscow, RF
  • "Green talks - 2019", Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
  • "International Universal Fair - 2019", Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

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