Successful work with partners and development of the local market BAY ELIM COMPANY LLC was helped by its well-developed infrastructure: its own warehouses with a railway access dead end, its own garage for trucks and cars, a sales team and a developed distribution network across all sales channels.

All this together provides us with the possibility of uninterrupted supply and promotion of our own products and imported goods on the Kyrgyz market.

Distribution system "BaiElim" is:

Sales potential of goods

Thanks to the Company's many years of experience in creating effective and trusting relationships with the end consumer, the distribution network of Bayelim has a huge sales potential.


"Baielim" can offer the consumer a high-quality and varied service, tailored specifically to his wishes and needs.


The distribution network "Baielim" organizes logistics solutions for its customers much faster and better. Our products are delivered to the end user at the right time and in the required volumes.

Extensive geography

Thanks to efficient distribution, Baielim effectively and efficiently expands the boundaries of its supply.

Lower price pressure

There is no price pressure on Baielim products as a manufacturer. The wider the market coverage, the less price conflicts with competing companies.

Distribution of "BAI ELIM COMPANY" LLC today effectively connects the manufacturer with our end user. Using our distribution network today solves many of our business problems.

The vehicle fleet of the "BAI ELIM COMPANY" LLC consists of 32 types of road transport, of which:

  • 13 heavy-duty vehicles (up to 18 tons)
  • 9 medium cargo (up to 3 tons)
  • 10 passenger cars.

All vehicles are technically equipped and undergo a technical inspection annually.

We are successful in distribution thanks to many years of experience and a professional team.

Our clients are never left without their favorite "Baielim" products!

Our partners


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