Оригинальный соус из зелёных огурцов

Original green cucumber sauce

Technologists of "Bai Elim Company" LLC have developed a recipe for an original sauce from green cucumbers grown in an environmentally friendly way in their fields

Полевые работы — продолжаются

Field works - continue

For a farmer, every hour in spring is equal to a day. Despite transport paralysis during the spring quarantine, the Bayelim team leaves for their fields and ...



“Bai Elim” congratulates you with May 1 - International Workers' Day!



The trading and manufacturing company OsOO BayEltm urgently needs: - chief accountant (with experience) - 1C programmer for remote work.

Гуманитарная помощь нуждающимся

Humanitarian assistance to those in need

In connection with the introduction of the state of emergency in Kyrgyzstan, many families were left without daily earnings, which led them to an economic ...

Продукты к вашему дому

Products to your home

In connection with the conditions of quarantine and the ban on movement in the city, the BayElim company launched the “Products for ...

Запрет на экспорт — РФ

Export Ban - RF

Dear Clients! After the ban of the Kazakh Republic on the export of cereals, today the Russian Federation also formally introduced a ban...

Выставка в Москве

Exhibition in Moscow

February 19, 2019 Our team, led by the General Director, visited the Moscow exhibition ProdExpo-2019.


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