Why choose our products

In our production we use raw materials of local production, not imported, not overseas. Almost 100% of the raw materials are grown on Kyrgyz soil. Over time, we began to buy out irrigated land ourselves and conclude agreements with local farmers for growing vegetables for the Bayelim plant.

Why is it profitable and useful to purchase our products?

  • Properly grown vegetables without the use of chemicals
  • The production is located in an ecologically clean area of the Chui region
  • Old technology of salting without preservatives, GMO-free
  • Only natural additives: apples, caraway seeds, currant leaves, spices

It's delicious & sustainable

Our products have a special taste because we grow vegetables ourselves, without using harsh chemicals, treating the soil only with biological products of our own and local production, as well as processing vegetables, completely controlling all processes, choosing varieties with the best taste and following traditional recipes. The proximity of the fields, the well-functioning organization of harvesting and delivery ensure the use of the freshest vegetables possible, which affects, first of all, its quality and taste.

It's safe

Under the supervision of our laboratory, we preserve products in the traditional way using heat treatment in absolutely safe and environmentally friendly glass jars, in principle, without using artificial food additives. The exclusive corporate identity of the products distinguishes us from many others on the shelves, which provides additional protection against counterfeiting.

It's available

By growing vegetables ourselves and working directly with local farmers, we have the opportunity to reduce the cost of production. And vertical integration with full control over the entire production cycle allows us to efficiently use available resources and offer premium products at affordable prices.

All our products are of high quality, from the very beginning they are manufactured in accordance with GOST and have certificates of compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

Our products are high-quality food products, possessing an unsurpassed taste, thanks to full compliance with the recipes approved and tested for years in Kyrgyzstan.

TM "Baielim" is one of the largest producers of canned fruits and vegetables in Kyrgyzstan.

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